API Performance News

These are the news items I've curated in my monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the API definition conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I'm using all of these links to better understand how the space is talking about and addressing performance concerns around APIs.

Title Source Visit
Why Startups Need an API (2012-04-21) tune.com
With APIs Replacing Middle Management, How is Their Performance Measured? (2015-03-23) api.report
Performance Monitoring Will Need to Join the Crowd (2015-03-25) blog.smartbear.com
Performance Issue Considerations for Microservices APIs (2015-03-26) blog.smartbear.com
Improving API performance with APISpark server-side cache (2015-03-30) restlet.com
Introducing Vector: Netflixs On-Host Performance Monitoring Tool (2015-04-08) techblog.netflix.com
The Internet Performance Market is Smoking Hot (2015-04-09) dyn.com
How Guardian Eliminated An API Performance Issue (2015-04-11) www.programmableweb.com
Dyn Launches Internet Alerts for Unprecedented Visibility Into Fundamental Internet Performance Issues (2015-04-14) aws.amazon.com
The Cloudcast #187 - API Performance Monitoring (2015-04-17) www.thecloudnetwork.net
Regional Cloud API Test Locations and Cloud Performance (2015-04-20) apimetrics.io
Reporting Just Got Automated: Save Time with the New Daily API Performance Report (2015-05-01) blog.runscope.com
Performance Measurement: The New Norm (2015-05-13) www.socrata.com
Performance Measurement QA with Steve Goldsmith (2015-05-13) www.socrata.com
API Performance Monitoring for the API Economy (2015-05-18) apimetrics.io
Crash Avoidance: Stay Ahead of API Problems with API Performance Metrics and Reports (2015-05-22) blog.runscope.com
Load and Performance Testing in Production (2015-05-22) resources.sdtimes.com
Delicious slowness and upgrades (2015-05-27) blog.delicious.com
Couchbase Server Hits One Million Writes Per Second with Just 50 Nodes of Google Compute Engine (2015-05-28) googlecloudplatform.blogspot.com
Improve API Quality: Don?t Forget the GUI (2015-05-29) blog.smartbear.com
IoT API Startup Crowsnest to Offer Crash Analytics Service (2015-06-03) www.programmableweb.com
Improve API Quality: Don?t Forget the GUI (2015-06-05) www.virtualizationconference.com
How NGINX Achieves Performance and Scalability (2015-06-12) www.infoq.com
Building Failure as a Service at Netflix without the Simian Army (2015-06-13) www.infoq.com
ROI of Internet Performance (2015-06-18) dyn.com
Parse Got a Tenfold Reliability Improvement Moving from Ruby to Go (2015-06-19) www.infoq.com
Code Climate open-sources its code-testing tools, launches a command-line interface (2015-06-19) venturebeat.com
Article: Probabilistic Project Planning Using Little?s Law (2015-06-21) www.infoq.com
Distributed Load Testing Using Kubernetes (2015-06-30) googlecloudplatform.blogspot.com
Auto Scaling Update ? New Scaling Policies for More Responsive Scaling (2015-07-07) aws.amazon.com
Sharpening Your Application Performance Skills (2015-07-08) royal.pingdom.com
Monitoring Performance with Multiple Datacenters and Dynamic DNS (2015-08-21) royal.pingdom.com
Mobile Application Performance Monitoring (MAPM) (2015-08-28) www.business2community.com
How Smart Are Your Performance Alerts? (2015-09-03) blog.smartbear.com
Floating IPs: Start Architecting Your Applications for High Availability (2015-10-21) www.digitalocean.com
Crush the Rush: Holiday API Performance (2015-10-26) blog.smartbear.com
4 Principles of Sharing Performance Data (2015-12-08) www.socrata.com
Google Speeds up Drive API for Leaner Integration (2015-12-15) www.programmableweb.com
A leaner and faster Google Drive API (2015-12-15) googledevelopers.blogspot.com
New ? Gzip Compression Support for Amazon CloudFront (2015-12-17) aws.amazon.com
View Your Most Important API Performance Metrics in One Place with the API Test Dashboard (2016-01-05) blog.runscope.com
Using NGINX Logging for Application Performance Monitoring (2016-01-07) www.nginx.com
Monitoring Mobile Network Performance (2016-01-08) technology.jana.com
Tutorial: Scaling Container Instances with CloudWatch Alarms - Amazon EC2 Container Service (2016-01-11) docs.aws.amazon.com
Wearable Devices: How to Overcome the Load Testing Challenges They Create (2016-01-17) dzone.com
Apache Spark With Air On-Time Performance Data (2016-01-18) dzone.com
Performance Optimization of the AvaTax Core Calculation Platform (2016-01-18) developer.avalara.com
Benchmarking DreamFactory 2.0 (2016-01-18) blog.dreamfactory.com
API performance stress test (2016-01-20) jaxenter.com
Why API Performance Matters (And What to Do About It) (2016-01-27) blog.smartbear.com
A Brief Look at Running Successful Load Tests (2016-02-08) www.apicasystem.com
How to Create a High Performing API (2016-02-09) dzone.com
Amazon Web Services to Acquire NICE (2016-02-12) aws.amazon.com
Measuring Percona Server Docker CPU/network Overhead (2016-02-12) dzone.com
How HTTP/2 is Changing Web Performance Best Practices (2016-02-14) dzone.com
Performance Testing IoT: A New Challenge in Testing (2016-02-15) www.apicasystem.com
Sports Authority handles 2,000 transactions per second with Google Cloud Platform (2016-02-19) googlecloudplatform.blogspot.com
Performance Patterns in Microservices-Based Integrations (2016-02-21) dzone.com
Apache HTTP Server Performance Tuning (2016-02-24) dzone.com
Guaranteeing Consistent API Performance with Apache Storm (2016-02-29) keenio.tumblr.com
Guaranteeing Consistent API Performance with Apache Storm (2016-02-29) keen.io
Internet Performance Management in Today?s Volatile Online Environment (2016-03-07) dyn.com
Plumbr API Now Available (2016-03-08) dzone.com
Free online learning tool serves 200,000 requests per minute on Google Cloud Platform (2016-03-10) cloudplatform.googleblog.com
How to Apply the 80:20 Rule to Performance Testing (2016-03-14) dzone.com
An Introduction to Graphite (2016-03-16) dzone.com
Apache Kafka Performance Tuning (2016-03-16) dzone.com
Performance without Compromise (2016-03-23) techblog.netflix.com
You asked and we delivered: PDF reports and multiple Page Speed test locations (2016-03-24) royal.pingdom.com
API Speed and Performance: A Guide to Staying In Front of API Performance Problems (2016-03-24) blog.smartbear.com
API Speed and Performance: A Guide to Staying in Front of API Performance Problems (2016-03-24) dzone.com
Google Cloud Datastore API Rebuilt for Better Performance and Access (2016-04-08) www.programmableweb.com
An Introduction to Load Testing With Gatling (2016-04-11) dzone.com
5 API Testing ?Must Haves? for API Security, Reliability, Performance (2016-04-11) dzone.com
The Role of Testing in API Performance (2016-04-13) blog.smartbear.com
Article: Locating Common Micro Service Performance Anti-Patterns (2016-05-03) www.infoq.com
How to Test for API Performance and Get More from Your Functional Tests (2016-05-09) blog.smartbear.com
Changes in Performance and Monitoring (2016-05-11) dzone.com
How CPU Governor Performance Affects MySQL (2016-05-12) dzone.com
Technical Solutions Used for Performance and Monitoring (2016-05-12) dzone.com
Build High-Performance APIs From the Ground Up (2016-05-15) dzone.com
Performance and Monitoring Solutions Directory (2016-05-18) dzone.com
Quick and Easy Web Service Load Testing with JMeter (2016-05-19) blog.developer.bazaarvoice.com
Skills Developers Need To Optimize Performance and Facilitate Monitoring (2016-05-19) dzone.com
Additional Considerations Regarding Performance and Monitoring (2016-05-20) dzone.com
Debugging an API Performance Problem from the Real World (2016-05-23) blog.smartbear.com
Amazon Redshift ? Up to 2X Throughput and 10X Vacuuming Performance Improvements (2016-05-24) aws.amazon.com
Debugging an API Performance Problem From the Real World (2016-05-31) dzone.com
How CDN Companies Measure Latency and Acceleration (2016-06-06) www.apicasystem.com
Blurring the Line: Performance and Security (2016-06-11) blog.catchpoint.com
The need for speed: this week on Google Cloud Platform (2016-06-11) cloudplatform.googleblog.com
Performance Monitoring: Real vs Headless Browsers (2016-06-15) dzone.com
A Guide to Performance Challenges With AWS EC2: Part 3 (2016-07-07) dzone.com
How to Easily Load Test With Open Source Tools (2016-07-08) dzone.com
Web Performance and the Impact of SPDY, HTTP/2 and QUIC: Part 2 (2016-07-11) dzone.com
Security (SSL) has a Performance Tax (2016-07-11) blog.catchpoint.com
Measure Page Load Times Using the User Timing API (2016-07-14) techblog.constantcontact.com
Microbenchmarking Apache Storm 1.0 Performance (2016-07-16) dzone.com
Utilizing Microservices for Performance (2016-07-18) dzone.com
How to Monitor Microsoft IIS (2016-07-21) blog.serverdensity.com
Don?t Call It A Comeback: Why DNS Is At The Core of Internet Performance Management (2016-08-01) dyn.com
Attempt At Scoring 100 On Google PageSpeed (2016-08-03) dzone.com
Googles Accelerated Mobile Pages project spreads to more of the web (2016-08-03) www.pcworld.com
Arrow Builder API Server Sizing using Load Testing (2016-08-17) www.appcelerator.com
Load Testing Reflections: Final Notes on Scaling, Capacity Planning, and Bottlenecks (2016-08-23) www.apicasystem.com
Top Most Overlooked MySQL Performance Optimizations: Part I (2016-08-23) dzone.com
Measure Cloud Performance Like A Customer (2016-09-01) dyn.com
Take your domain?s performance to the next level. Learn about these reccomended #PageRules (2016-09-02) www.cloudflare.com
What is Performance Testing and Types of Performance Testing? (2016-09-08) dzone.com
New Reader Endpoint for Amazon Aurora ? Load Balancing Higher Availability (2016-09-08) aws.amazon.com
Don?t Underutilize These 5 Amazing HTTP Performance Features (2016-09-13) nordicapis.com
AWS Load Testing Project Questions (2016-09-14) www.apicasystem.com
PHP 7 doubles performance for DreamFactory (2016-09-15) blog.dreamfactory.com
CA Technologies buys BlazeMeter (2016-09-20) www.zdnet.com
Tuning NGINX (2016-09-20) blog.codeship.com
Twilio Launches Voice Insights API to Monitor WebRTC Performance (2016-09-21) www.programmableweb.com
Is TLS Fast Yet? (2016-09-21) istlsfastyet.com
APIs Are Not Web Pages (2016-09-23) devcentral.f5.com
Performance Impact of Third Party Components (2016-09-26) dzone.com
Stay on Offense With a Proactive Network Performance Management Strategy (2016-09-26) dzone.com
The Wild West Of Performance Measurement: Using Data To Ensure Optimal Vendor Selection (2016-09-29) dyn.com
Load Testing Published APIs With JMeter (2016-09-29) dzone.com
Thoughts on the Right Configuration and Strategy for Load Testing: Gatling (2016-10-04) dzone.com
Pregenerating Static Web Pages for Better Performance (2016-10-06) blog.codeship.com
IoT?s Achilles Heel: API Call Performance (2016-10-07) dzone.com
LEGOs and modern network performance monitoring (2016-10-12) blogs.ca.com
Caching for Faster APIs (2016-10-14) dzone.com
MySQL 5.7 Performance Tuning Immediately After Installation (2016-10-17) dzone.com
Reinventing Performance Testing: Continuous Integration (2016-10-20) dzone.com
Restsharp Vs HttpClient Performance Benchmark (2016-10-20) www.codeproject.com
Using an Arrow API Mockup to Remove Development Bottlenecks (2016-10-21) www.appcelerator.com
Using load shedding to survive a success disaster (2016-12-19) cloudplatform.googleblog.com
How to Load Test SAML SSO Secured Websites with JMeter (2016-12-26) dzone.com
Tuning PostgreSQL with pgbench (2017-01-05) blog.codeship.com
Three key metrics for monitoring AWS SNS performance and usage. (2017-01-11) blogs.site24x7.com
Performance Predictions for 2017 (2017-01-11) blog.catchpoint.com
Compute Performance Improvements Magic of Caching (2017-01-12) keenio.tumblr.com
Concerns About Performance and Monitoring (2017-01-13) dzone.com
Lloyds Bank Experiences Performance Issues for Over Two Days (2017-01-13) blog.catchpoint.com
Speeding up RESTful Services in Play Framework (2017-01-18) www.lucidchart.com
Improving Azure SQL Database Performance using In-Memory Technologies (2017-01-21) www.infoq.com
17 Essential Skills for Growing Performance Engineers (2017-01-21) dzone.com
Beating JSON performance with Protobuf (2017-01-31) auth0.com
How We Used Pulse Insights to Improve Website Performance (2017-01-31) dzone.com
The infrastructure behind Twitter: efficiency and optimization (2017-02-02) blog.twitter.com
Latency best practices in the IMA SDKs (2017-03-02) googleadsdeveloper.blogspot.com
A high-level look at how to optimize your #GraphQL server performance, by @andrewingram. (2017-03-06) medium.com
Node.js and APIs: A Match Made in Scaling Heaven (2017-03-09) medium.com
AWS Timeouts: A Detective Story (2017-03-11) dzone.com
Profiling your Realtime Database Performance (2017-03-15) firebase.googleblog.com
Optimizing Twitter Heron (2017-03-16) blog.twitter.com
Scribe Online Performance Options (2017-04-04) blog.scribesoft.com
Host-Based Routing Support for AWS Application Load Balancers (2017-04-05) aws.amazon.com
Data Compression Improvements in Amazon Redshift Bring Compression Ratios Up to 4x (2017-04-06) aws.amazon.com
Swift Performance - WordPress Cache Performance Booster (Utilities) (2017-04-07) codecanyon.net
How we made our DNS stack 3x faster (2017-04-11) blog.cloudflare.com
Tweet: Learn more about what is affecting your #API users and customers with real-time, AI-based performance analysis.hellip; https://t.co/OGoymehFG4 (2017-04-11) twitter.com
How to Configure HAProxy as a Proxy and Load Balancer (2017-04-13) dzone.com
Firefox’s new performance tab is great news for those with old computers (2017-04-13) thenextweb.com
Oracle Dyn Provides ICANN With Access To Internet Performance Data (2017-04-19) dyn.com
Load Balancing Versus Application Routing (2017-04-22) dzone.com
Latency: The Myths Realities, Part 2 (2017-04-24) www.avnetwork.com
Google Retires Octane JavaScript Benchmark (2017-04-26) www.infoq.com
gRPC-Web: Moving past REST+JSON towards type-safe Web APIs (2017-04-27) spatialos.improbable.io
GraphQL APIs and Performace (2017-04-27) brandur.org
Tweet: Slow web response times == visitor abandons your site. Slow API response times == visitor abandons your app. https://t.co/Zstlc98ESW (2017-05-01) twitter.com
Reducing Links to Low-Quality Web Page Experiences (2017-05-10) www.facebook.com
How Cloudflare analyzes 1M DNS queries per second (2017-05-10) blog.cloudflare.com
Faster Sites: Beyond PageSpeed Insights (2017-05-14) moz.com
What’s Your Quality (ok, uptime) (2017-05-23) medium.com
Latency in Microservices – Bruno Pedro – Medium (2017-05-29) medium.com
Reducing API Overhead by 70% with Prometheus and Grafana (2017-05-31) blog.algorithmia.com
Untangling Performance: The Long, Strange Trip of a Misbehaving Microservice (2017-06-12) blog.newrelic.com
Deploying NGINX Plus as a Highly Available AWS Load Balancer (2017-06-16) www.nginx.com
Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX): Speed Up DynamoDB Response Times from Milliseconds to Microseconds without Application Rewrite. (2017-06-21) www.allthingsdistributed.com
API Latency vs Response time (2017-06-30) medium.com
Load Testing using Jenkins and k6 (2017-07-03) blog.loadimpact.com
Understanding Performance Logs for Performance Tuning (2017-07-05) blog.loadimpact.com
Three Load Tests You Must Run (2017-07-07) blog.loadimpact.com
Monitor Google Cloud SQL performance with Datadog (2017-07-11) www.datadoghq.com
Benchmarking a Rails API (2017-07-17) medium.com
How Performance Monitoring is Like Having an Ever (2017-07-19) www.apicasystem.com
Google has a new plan to make the entire internet faster (GOOG, GOOGL) (2017-07-20) www.businessinsider.com
Revisiting AWS Lambda Runtime Performance (2017-07-24) medium.com
Location Latency Mapping (2017-07-31) apimetrics.io
New Resource: Global HTTP bin network (2017-07-31) apimetrics.io
How CircleCI Processes 4.5 Million Builds Per Month (2017-07-31) circleci.com
Advanced Load Testing: When to Use Simulated User Data in Load Tests (2017-08-01) blog.loadimpact.com
Accurate Load Testing Under A Deadline (2017-08-03) blog.loadimpact.com
The difference between performance testing and performance tuning (2017-08-08) blog.loadimpact.com
Faster DataStore in CKAN 2.7 (2017-08-10) ckan.org
A Happy Compromise Between Customization and Cacheability (2017-08-13) philsturgeon.uk
Announcing the Honeycomb AWS Elastic Load Balancer Integration (2017-08-16) honeycomb.io
Running load tests in Jenkins Pipeline with Taurus (2017-08-16) jenkins.io
Load Testing and Teams: DevOps Best Practices (2017-08-21) blog.loadimpact.com
Load Testing Season coming up! (2017-08-24) blog.loadimpact.com
Testing the Performance of NGINX and NGINX Plus Web Servers (2017-08-24) www.nginx.com
Speed Up Your API Development with Service Virtualization (2017-08-25) blog.smartbear.com
Four Scalability and Performance Wins after etcd3 Migration (2017-08-30) blog.openshift.com
Real (2017-08-31) blogs.cisco.com
API Performance Testing: Getting Started (2017-09-12) blog.loadimpact.com
Load Testing, Performance Testing and Stress Testing Explained (2017-09-19) www.bmc.com
Netsil Visualizes the Performance of Microservices (2017-09-21) thenewstack.io
Processing 100,000 Events Per Second on Azure Functions (2017-09-22) medium.com
Open Source Load Testing Tool Benchmarks V2 (2017-09-28) blog.loadimpact.com
Keeping your APIs lean and Queries Fast — Part I (2017-10-01) medium.com
How to Automate Load Testing (2017-10-02) blog.loadimpact.com
Steady Improvement (2017-10-03) apimetrics.io
Monitor Amazon's Application Load Balancer with Datadog (2017-10-03) www.datadoghq.com
What Is Federated Load Balancing and Why Should You Care? (2017-10-05) admin.dyn.com
Readers Digest: The state of load testing (2017-10-06) blog.loadimpact.com
Lexer's upgrade to Elasticsearch 5.4.1 improved search speeds by 30 (2017-10-11) www.elastic.co
Mitigating replication lag and reducing read load with freno (2017-10-12) githubengineering.com
To start thinking about load testing (2017-10-12) medium.com
Comparing load testing tools (2017-10-13) blog.loadimpact.com
A Cache is Fast: Enhancing our API with Redis (2017-10-16) medium.com
Why Website Load Speed Is Only Half The Battle (2017-10-16) blog.filestack.com
Ensure Your Site Performs for Peak Traffic (2017-10-17) blog.loadimpact.com
Load (2017-10-23) blogs.cisco.com
ECommerce Performance Testing Checklist (2017-10-23) blog.loadimpact.com
Performance Testing and APM: Why Your Business Needs Both (2017-10-24) www.apicasystems.com
List Of Performance Monitoring Tools (2017-11-02) medium.com
Chaos engineering and AWS Lambda — latency injection (2017-11-06) medium.com
CI Integrations for Performance Testing (2017-11-10) blog.loadimpact.com
Optimizing Web Servers for High Throughput and Low Latency (2017-11-10) www.nginx.com
gzip on AWS Lambda and API Gateway (2017-11-16) medium.com
GitLab Performance Monitoring with Grafana (2017-11-18) medium.com
Deploying NGINX Plus and AWS Network Load Balancer in an All (2017-11-20) www.nginx.com
Performance Journey (2017-11-21) dzone.com
Web Performance 101: HTTP Headers, Part 2 (2017-11-21) dzone.com
Canopy: an end (2017-11-23) blog.acolyer.org
Load Balancing Strategies for Consul (2017-11-26) www.hashicorp.com
Performance Testing In a Continuous Delivery Pipeline (2017-11-27) dzone.com
Monitoring Application Performance in Kubernetes (2017-11-27) blog.newrelic.com
Local and Global Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus and Cedexis (2017-11-28) www.nginx.com
How to Set Up TeamCity for Load Testing (2017-12-02) dzone.com
Monitoring RDS MySQL Performance Metrics (2017-12-06) dzone.com
Troubleshooting Application Performance and Slow TCP Connections with NGINX Amplify (2017-12-06) www.nginx.com
Apache Kafka: How to Load Test With JMeter (2017-12-07) dzone.com
Compress HTTP Request and Response in Node.js Server (2017-12-10) codeforgeek.com
Your Performance Testing is Biased (2017-12-10) dzone.com
Testing Against Performance and Status Code (2017-12-12) medium.com
Guide to RADIUS Server Load Testing (2017-12-15) dzone.com
JMeter Performance and Load Testing (2017-12-15) dzone.com
Load Testing with Load Impact using Jenkins (2017-12-18) blog.loadimpact.com
Performance Tuning – Tips & Tricks (2017-12-18) www.nginx.com
Help! My Azure Site Performance Sucks! — Part 1 (2017-12-21) medium.com
The Pros and Cons of Database Scaling Options (2017-12-22) dzone.com
Frontline Systems Enhances SDK for High (2017-12-27) www.dbta.com
JMeter vs WRK (2017-12-28) dzone.com
The Keys to Performance Tuning and Testing (2017-12-29) dzone.com
Create a Checkout Load Test Scenario with Gatling (2018-01-01) dzone.com
Performance Improvements via JIT Optimization (2018-01-04) dzone.com
Making a Faster API (2018-01-11) medium.com
Performance debugging for serverless functions using the IBM Cloud Shell (2018-02-05) medium.com
Designing a Mission (2018-02-06) medium.com
Measuring SLA Performance Is Still Largely Do (2018-02-06) dzone.com
Is There a Need For Performance Testing in Production? (2018-02-09) dzone.com
I disagree with your article that scaling is better with single (2018-02-09) medium.com
Monitoring Cassandra Health and Performance Metrics (2018-02-13) medium.com
Making a Faster API (2018-02-14) dzone.com
Reducing GraphQL response size by… a lot (2018-02-14) medium.com
How to Measure Latency at Scale (2018-02-15) dzone.com
Performance Tips: Basics (2018-02-18) medium.com
The case when HTTP threatens the Database (2018-02-24) medium.com
Monitoring Application Performance on the Frontend in the Age of Impatience (2018-02-26) dzone.com
Why Developers Insist on Being Measured on Software Performance (2018-03-06) blog.loadimpact.com
Profilo: Understanding app performance in the wild (2018-03-13) code.facebook.com
Tweaking RDS Database Performance and ElastiCache (2018-03-16) dzone.com
Performance: Testing and Tuning (2018-03-23) dzone.com
Deep dive API: a statistical approach of API performance (2018-03-27) medium.com
Developing with Performance in Mind (2018-03-29) dzone.com
Why All The Monolithic Serverless API Hate? (2018-03-29) medium.com
Comparing Latency (2018-04-11) dzone.com
What is Continuous Load Testing? (2018-04-26) dzone.com
Gzip/deflate content from AWS API Gateway using Serverless (2018-05-14) medium.com
Increasing the Resilience of APIs with Chaos Engineering (2018-05-20) www.infoq.com
How to Run a Simple Load Test With Gatling (2018-05-26) dzone.com
Load Testing WordPress Sites: Plugin Testing (2018-06-05) blog.loadimpact.com
Speeding Up Our Webhooks System 60x (2018-06-23) dzone.com
Why Load Testing is Important (2018-07-18) blog.loadimpact.com
Load Testing Strategies (2018-08-01) blog.loadimpact.com
Increase Global Upload Speed and Reliability with Filestack (2018-08-14) blog.filestack.com
Simplifying SQL Performance (2018-08-16) www.bmc.com
Rogue Wave Software Launches QRebel Performance Management for Development Teams (2018-08-23) www.digitaljournal.com
Solution to Camel (2018-08-29) dzone.com
Monthly Dashboards – API Performance (2018-08-29) apimetrics.io
Effects of Redis on an API Server (2018-08-29) medium.com
Scaling Lambdas inside a VPC (2018-08-30) medium.com
Building a UI for the k6 load testing tool (2018-08-31) blog.loadimpact.com
How Scalability Planning Results Markedly Improves APIs (2018-09-07) www.programmableweb.com
ActiveMQ Performance Testing (2018-09-17) dzone.com
Consolidating Your API Gateway and Load Balancer with NGINX (2018-09-21) www.nginx.com
The Impact of Microservice Architecture on Load Testing (2018-09-21) dzone.com
Using API Lazy Loading to Speed Up Client Programs (2018-10-27) www.slashdb.com

If you think there is a link I should have listed here feel free to tweet it at me, or submit as a Github issue. Even though I do this full time, I'm still a one person show, and I miss quite a bit, and depend on my network to help me know what is going on.